Piyush Mattoo

Piyush Mattoo is a 23-year-old boy from Jammu and Kashmir who moved to Mumbai for better education and opportunities. He had a knack for programming from an early age and wanted to perform well in the IT field. Both of his parents had stable government jobs earlier. However, his father had to quit his job when he was diagnosed with diabetes and kidney failure. His mother, too, had to quit her job in order to take care of his father and had to open a small kirana shop that brings about Rs. 20,000 every month. Even though the family manages to get some government support for his father’s medical expenses, frequent medical expenses have depleted household savings. Despite all odds, the family supported education for their children and took an education loan to help Piyush realize his dreams. Piyush understands the responsibilities that he has and joined the IT department in his college. Piyush came to know about the program through his college. He was in doubt about enrolling himself because it was offered free of cost and hence did not have high expectations. However, when he joined, he was surprised that the course was very intensive and rigorous. The technical training started from basic concepts and was delivered in a systematic manner, which made it very easy to learn. He also liked how the course was designed in a way where a beginner or expert both could be benefited. He found the assignments helpful because he could learn to apply the theoretical concepts he learned in class, to real-life situations. He also could spend enough thought and time on each assignment because they were spread across the training period. He likes the Sprint Projects the most in the entire training. While he doesn’t want to change anything in the training, he suggested that the training should have a wider outreach so that more deserving students could get a chance to fulfill their dreams. Today he works at Capgemini as an analyst and is looking forward to becoming a software architect. “ The job has made a significant contribution to my family income and also helped me in the repayment of my loan, and for this, I thank TNS India Foundation and Capgemini for the program, training, opportunity, and hands-on experience provided”