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Youth Employability Program

Linking underprivileged urban youth to meaningful employment opportunities

With half of its population under the age of 26, and an estimated 5 million youth graduating from college every year, India has an opportunity to mobilize the largest workforce in the world in a few years. However, the potential of a country’s youth can only be harnessed with planned development. A rising number of Indian urban youth are pursuing higher education despite coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, increasing their potential to join the formal workforce and facilitating better income prospects for their families and communities. However, inadequate family support and deficient college infrastructure render the students incapable of obtaining and succeeding in corporate jobs. Female graduates face even more obstacles on the familial, institutional, and systemic level, with an unemployment rate that is three times higher than male graduates.

To address this issue, TNS India Foundation launched a Youth Employability initiative in 2015 — the Campus to Corporate Careers (C2C) Program — which operates across urban hubs in partnership with various private donors committed to the cause of youth employability and skills development. The C2C program empowers youth by equipping them with relevant skills through hands-on training, interactive activities, industry visits, career counseling, and linking youth to corporates in the formal sector. The initiative embeds itself into the ecosystem of existing education providers and works to create system-level changes from the ground up, in order to facilitate better income prospects and respectable livelihoods for youth living in urban areas.

The C2C program branches into two learning pathways: Campus to Digital Careers (21st-century work skills) and Campus to Technical Careers (technical skills training). As part of the Campus to Digital Careers program, we train students in soft skills and enhance data literacy, allowing them to easily transition into formal sector jobs and put this knowledge to practical use. The Campus to Technical Careers (C2TC) program was launched in 2019 as an extension to the C2C program, where students are trained in industry-relevant technical and soft skills to help them secure careers in the IT/ITeS industry.


BlackRock Foundation, Capgemini, HDB Financial Services, HCL Foundation, HDFC Life, Lenovo India, IDFC AMC, Moody’s Analytics

14,500 Beneficiaries

70% of Women Beneficiaries

INR 2 lakhs p.a. Median Salary for Beneficiaries