Corporate Measurement Approch


Corporate Measurement Approch

In order to ensure an appropriate return on investment for our donors and maximise impact per dollar for our beneficiaries, TNS India Foundation employs a unique, rigorous corporate measurement approach that helps us make cost-effective, growth focused decisions. Our corporate Measurement approach provides strategic insights into our impact by tracking and analyzing data on four annual headline indicators and one life of project indicator:


We capture the value of the financial benefits generated within a project. This could be either the increased revenue or decreased cost of production for an enterprise, or the increased wages paid to employees that are a result of the TNS India Foundation intervention.


We calculate the proportion of female beneficiaries in each project. This is keeping in line with TNS India Foundation’s gender policy, i.e. the commitment to advancing gender equality.


We track the number of women and men for whom we have evidence that our work has helped them generate increased financial benefits. Direct beneficiaries typically include individuals or businesses that have seen an increase in profit or revenues, or a reduction in costs; and new employees.


We measure the amount of loans and equity and the number of men and women who obtain private sector investment. Since access to finance is often one of the final barriers to inclusive market systems, we capture this information to gain insight on our ability to transform market systems.