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Skill Development

As the Indian economy diversifies from being largely agro-based to a manufacturing and service-based economy, there is an unmet demand for skilled labor over the past few years. To transform into a competitive, high-growth and high productivity middle-income country, India must leverage its demographic dividend effectively by providing opportunities for youth to develop skills in order to contribute to the economy.

India is expected to have the largest workforce in the world by 2025.



However, 30% of India’s labour force is either unemployed or has never received any formal training or education.

  • Total Workforce
  • Unemployed / Untrained

Lack of formal skills training is a major concern in India with only 4.69% of the workforce being formally skilled.

  • Formal Skills Training

The female labour force participation rate in India is a dismal 27% – one of the lowest among developing countries.

  • Total Labour Force
  • Female Labour Force

TNSIF Approach

TNS India Foundation recognizes that youth workforce development is critical for India’s economic growth. We are increasingly identifying avenues to integrate youth into its value chain and entrepreneurship work by actively working to address barriers to opportunities for youth.