Agri Value Chain Development

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Agri Value Chain Development

Given that agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for 54% of India’s population, agri value chain development is very important for raising smallholders’ incomes. Without being linked to markets and information, smallholders are condemned to produce only for subsistence. Agri value chains in India are characterised by unutilised potential and inefficiency.

Only 60% of potential yield for most crops is fulfilled in India.

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Post-harvest losses in India are 25-30% of the total production.

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India lacks global scale processing facilities – only 4% of the fruits are processed compared to China (23%), Brazil (70%) and Indonesia (50%).

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TNSIF Approach

TNS India Foundation is a leader in developing and catalyzing high-impact partnerships and initiatives that expand smallholder market access and create enduring economic opportunities. We introduce and scale innovative technologies to new markets, foster lasting market linkages, and support the start-up and growth of commercial agribusiness, leading to increased scale, revenue, and value chains that work for everyone.